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Montalin Capsule Price In Pakistan - 03003778222 Professionnel

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4.499 DA
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Prix: 4.499 DA

Montalin Capsule Price In Pakistan For Sale

What is Montalin capsule?

MONTALIN- It is a capsule made of highly nutritious leaves antanan to cure all kinds of diseases. Efficacy Capsules Montalin. This capsule is aherbalproduct that has many benefits and is suitable to overcome various diseases such as. Treating gout. Overcoming stiff as a result of the work day.

What is Montalin used for?

It is claimed to relieve discomfort and pain in rheumatism (neutralizes uric acid), painful joints, stiff muscles, muscle cramps and tired legs / feet, high cholesterol, inflammation in the body, moisture build-up, hay fever, stress, headaches and menstrual cramps, immune system (keep your body fit and vital) (1).

What is Jamu in Malay?

Jamu is a reference to traditional medicine from Indonesia. Lately known as herbs. Herbs are made from natural ingredients, such as parts of plants such as rhizomes, leaves and bark, fruit. There is also the use of animal body ingredients, such as goat bile or crocodile canker.

Original Montalin Capsule Price In Pakistan is ? : 4499 PKR